Private Label

In addition to our house brands, we offer a competitive private label/contract packaging service with over 70 years of airosol packaging and expertise. Our Research & Development department has highly trained chemists able to formulate to specific customer’s needs.

We can develop formulations to meet your concept or idea, duplicate formula’s to match existing products or put your own label on over 100 of the high-quality products from our branded line. We are very conscientious about the integrity of every product manufactured at our plant. From the beginning stages of formulation to the time that the final product is boxed and shipped, we maintain a stringent set of parameters that must be met before we will release product to our customers.


  • Airosol and liquid blending and filling
  • Low Minimum order requirements
  • Large Capacity Runs
  • Full Range of Containers Available
  • Range of Sizes, 1 oz. to 55 gallon drums
  • Special Valves, Tips and Caps
  • Lithographed, Paper or Mylar Labels
  • Compliance with VOC and EPA regulations